UFC expects 1Million PPV Buys

In regards to UFC 66:

"...a Viewer's Choice spokesman in Canada saying the UFC expects to hit the one million mark in pay-per-view buys in North America."



they just might

^^^ i agree



Pacquiao - Morales is happening on November 18th.

I will gaurantee one PPV buy. 999,999 to go.

They'll do it. Hell, UFC 61 did 775,000 ppv buys.


-Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title

-Andrei Arlovski vs. Marcio "Pe de Pano" Cruz

-Nathan Marquardt vs. Dean Lister

-Forrest Griffin vs. Keith Jardine

-Chris Leben vs. Jason MacDonald

United States PPV suggested retail price: $39.95

With a card like that, one million buys isn't hard to imagine.

It would be very impressive if it did crack the 1 million mark. With the UFC marketing machine having about a month and a half from UFC 65 to build this up, it is very possible.

Two of the UFC's most marketable fighters, the UFC will build up the feud/hatred/rematch like we have never seen.

Will the timing of the event (X-mas/New years) help or hurt the PPV buys?


If they are going to be doing 500,000 plus PPVs regularly now, we are going to see some wild paydays like boxing soon. TTT for Tito Ortiz buying tigers!

Jim can't believe this sh!t

"I think it will be right about what the Tito/Shamrock 2 fight is...775-800,000 range."

How do you figure that? Liddell is a bigger draw than Shamrock or Ortiz. I think they'll reach the $1,000,000 target fairly easily.

the high ticket prices will help!!!!!

LOL @ the Lamply pic.

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