UFC Expo & UFC 114: Tuff-N-Uff's One-Two Combo


Sin City is about to undergo a transformation. The last weekend in May will see the fight capital of the world taken hostage by legions of mixed martial arts enthusiasts. The Tapout, Xtreme Couture, and Affliction T-Shirts riddling the strip will be blinding.

Whether it be fan, fighter, promoter, or sponsor, MMA is the deal in Las Vegas this weekend. The calling of the second UFC fan expo in and of itself is more than enough to lure a plethora of fans to the strip. This is the premier event that ties all those mentioned before together under the banner of mixed martial arts.

Add to that the fact that "Suga" Rashad Evans and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson will finally square off at UFC 114, and this becomes a can't-miss stretch of mixed martial arts tom foolery that even the most casual of fans can appreciate. "Page" and "Suga" couldn't meet soon enough as all the hot air they have blown has been proven to increase global warming by at least two percent.

Well fight fans, just in case that wont quench your MMA appetite, brothers Barry and Jeff Meyer have you covered for all your additional MMA needs. Tuff-N-Uff is pulling out all stops this weekend to complement two of the biggest events of the year with two events of their own.

The staff at TNU has busted their humps to present two of the best amateur fight cards you will ever see to provide the bookends to this spectacular weekend of MMA.

It all starts Friday night. For those fight fans just arriving in Vegas, who may want to wet their whistle with some great fights, TNU will host its first of two events. Priming the crowd for the huge weekend ahead, the Meyer brothers are bringing a proposed 14 elite amateur matchups.

Local Vegas fight fans wont miss the event, especially with the co-main and main events on tap. For those not in the know, many highly trained amateur fighters have been making a name for themselves around the Vegas fight community.

Two of whom are Tuff girls Gabriella Lakoczky of Wand Fight Team, and Ashley Cummins of Vaghi MMA. These ladies find themselves competing for a TNU strap after both of them emerged victorious through a hard fought mini-tournament that really displayed their talents.

Both ladies are extremely game, and dedicated to bringing home the TNU title. This co-main event is a can't miss for not only MMA fans, but the devoted advocates for women's MMA in particular. TNU is a perennial supporter of women's MMA and it shows in the level of talent they produce through their events.

That fight is a lead up to what is bound to be an explosive main event. Team Lethal's Jimmy Spicuzza will face off with Legend's Christian Palencia. While Palencia is still building a reputation under the tutelage of the elite trainers at Legend's, Spicuzza is almost a household name for TNU fans.

Spicuzza looks to further his reputation as a fierce and exciting competitor against Palencia. Palencia has set a tone as a submission specialist where as Spicuzza is a banger. This clash of styles should prove to electrify the crowd.

As with all TNU fight cards, there is not enough time to list all the promising competitors, but suffice to say with camps like Wand Fight Team, Xtreme Couture, Striking Unlimited, and more being represented, the level of competition will be setting the bar very high. This is what sets TNU apart.

On a final note for the Friday night card, the cousin of UFC mogul Dana White will be competing as well. Justin Vadnais will look for his first amateur win on Friday. With that in mind, it wouldn't be even the least bit surprising to see Mr. Dana White make an appearance at the event.

As is the case with all TNU shows, sometimes the star power in the crowd rivals any UFC event people may recall. You just never know who you will bump into at the t-shirt booths at TNU events. When MMA superstars want to watch MMA, TNU is where they wind up.

Well after all that, fight fans will cycle themselves over to the UFC Fan Expo starting Saturday morning, and then take in the before mentioned UFC 114. Sunday opens with the final day of the Expo and ends with yet another TNU fight card for MMA fans to wind down after a weekend of MMA overload.

Some might call it the cherry on top of a badass MMA sundae. Call it what you want, just don't miss it on your way out of town people.

Twelve more fights are in store for you before you head home to explain just exactly how you spent that ungodly amount of dough in Sin City. Those 12 fights will include prospects from the elite gyms mentioned before, and they will look to cap off the weekend with a bang.

In the main event the Meyer brothers bring you Maurice Senters of Striking Unlimited, and Chris Brady of Legend's MMA. Senters is a well rounded and well known fighter at TNU events. His most recent fight was a TKO loss to Xtreme Couture's Jimmy Jones.

The loss to Jones is not something to be ashamed of as he is a TNU champ, and has been making his reputation as an absolutely elite competitor. After that loss, Senters looks to bounce back and get on track to becoming the best fighter her can be.

Standing in his way is Chris Brady. Unfortunately, Brady finds himself on a four-fight losing streak and he is looking to put a stop to that Sunday night. He also shares a loss with TNU champ Jimmy Jones. He will have his hands full trying to get his first victory in over a year when he squares off with Senters.

Once again, this is one of a multitude of elite level amateur fighters that will look to get it done this Sunday night for fight fans winding down from this historical MMA weekend.

Looking forward to the weekend, it is amazing to imagine how spectacular these three days will be. When the dust settles and the smoke has cleared, one has to imagine any amount of pre conceived amazement will more than likely not do the actual events even the slightest amount of justice.

While the Expo and UFC 114 are a big part of that. TNU has positioned themselves to display just how elite their organization and their level of competition is to a crowd of the purest fight fans the game knows. They have provided the perfect compliment to this historical weekend by implementing their reputation and quality for legions of fight fans to enjoy.

If you can't make it there, check out the high quality stream on gofightlive.com

For more information about Tuff-N-Uff visit their website tuffnuff.net

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