UFC fight card info???

I see they have two fights listed for the next upcoming UFC. Anyone have any inside info on any other match-ups on the card. If not how about possible match-ups you'd like to see?

Ohh and god please don't tell me its gonna be a bunch of TUF leftovers, this is PPV afterall!

"Ohh and god please don't tell me its gonna be a bunch of TUF leftovers".........I would love to see Diego, Swick, Guillard, Bonnar or Jardine on the card.

I wouldn't say Bonner, Sanchez and Jardine are TUF leftovers and I'm not saying the others you mention can't fight but I thought the whole premise of TUF was win get a contract, lose and go home? Nothing wrong with bringing some of the guys back but I think maybe Ultimate Fight Nights would be better for them to work up from. Considering the amount of talented fighters lining up to get ONE shot at making the UFC and some with great mma records I get alittle sick of seeing some of the same old faces back again and again. Somehow "Lose and get a contact" doesn't cut it for PPV.

Then again if Zuffa is gonna try and do an event every month maybe this is they're only option. Just my opinion. Bring in some new blood and give some others a chance, this is a pretty big world after all. "You win you go on, you lose you go HOME"

I heard a rumor about Ricco vs Mir Anyone back that up????

Thats it?