UFC fight cards make more since...

then PRIDE FC Fight Cards in my opinion... But on the other hand some of the PRIDE FC fights are more exciting than some of the UFC fights.

For Example: Shoji Vs. Ninja and Shoji Vs. Shogun does not make any sense to me. I have no idea why PRIDE is keep on putting Shoji against top fighters.

Make more since OR make more sense?

"Make more since OR make more sense?"

Make more sense.

Pride builds up the records of many of their top
fighters by feeding them lots of tomato cans...it
makes them look better then they really are....which
isn't a bad thing from a marketing perspective

But I don't think the UFC can do that....Americans
don't like to know who's going to win a fight before
it even starts....that's why the UFC's match-making is
more even