UFC Fight Night 58 Predictions

Alright everyone, I'd love to hear your predictions for tonight.  Last week I made pretty good money on Jo's win in some parlays that made my night.  Who do you like for tonight?

I like:

Machida (-680) (Dollaway seems to be having a tough time in Brazil)

Barao (-860) (line is too high though imo)

Carlos Jr. (+160) (I think this one could go a lot of ways.  Cummins is too high a favorite imo)

Silviero (+130)

Silva (-320)

Niim (-110)

Lima (-350)

Santos Jr (+130)

Dias (-210)  (I think this one is closer than the line reflects)

Sasaki (-450) (Lock of the night imo)

Means (-230 don't think Means is too dependable though)

Miranda (+145)

Admittedly, I am a value bettor but I like to parlay dogs that I think are live with some favorites I think are locks.

On the props, I like Baroa KO at +135 and may take a bet on Machida Inside depending on where the line goes.  

Anyone else?