UFC Game(announcers)

You can pick your ref.

There is only one ring announcer.

They should have the option to choose Rich "G Man" Goins.

 i would buy an X-box, and that game, specifically for that.

Sadly it's nothing new.

Zuffa shitting on the history of the UFC.

I got it yesterday and couldn't help but notice Mazzigatti isn't one of the refs. Guess Dana really does hate him.

 EA should put Scott Ferrall in their game, from Yamma, "Gimme a room with a Wiuff..."

They would smash Undisputed with him in it.


ttt for Rich "the G Spot" Goins.......Goins!

Mazzigatti is one of the refs.

JimmersonzGlove -  Great idea....idea.