1. Tim Sylvia

  2. Mirko Crocop

  3. Andrei Arlovski

  4. Brandon Vera

  5. Gabriel Gonzaga

  6. Heath Herring

  7. Pe De Pano

  8. Frank Mir

  9. Morerro

  10. Cheik Kongo

  11. Antoni Hardonk

  12. Assuerio Silva

  13. Fabiano Scherner

  14. Gilbert Aldana

  15. Brandon Lee hinkle

  16. Tom Murphey


Looking better..

Tim's the UFC champ. Kind of hard not to rank him number one regardless of what you think. I'd flip Vera and AA. More I see of the two of them, the more I think Vera has too much for him.

Vera and Arlovski need to fight next. Winner takes on Crocop.

Gonzaga is going to be a force.

yeah, your rankings don't make sense.

if they are based on ufc standings, mirko shouldn't even be 2nd, as he hasn't even fought yet.

if they are based on talent and who is the best fighters, then mirko should be number one by far.

either way, second doesn't make sense.

and since does 10 = 16?

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10 = 23



"Vera and Arlovski need to fight next. Winner takes on Crocop."

Yeah, and meanwhile Tim Sylvia either has a rematch with Frank Mir or dies of old age. Anything other than a titleshot for Vera or Crocop soon would be completely idiotic.

 Chuck Ruuuuulez!!

"and where is monson?"

The UFC let Jeff out of his contract so he can fight Fedor

Hopefully Jeff beats Fedor like Hunt almost did on the ground and comes back for a title fight against either Vera, Arlovski, or Crocop



  1. CRO COP

    2. Tim Sylvia

    3. Jeff Monson

    4. Andrei Arlovski

    5. Brandon Vera

    6. Heath Herring

    7. Pe De Pano

    8. Gabriel Gonzaga

    9. Cheik Kongo

    10. Assuerio Silva

    11. Frank Mir

    12. Gilbert Aldana

    13. Dan Christianson

    14. Hardonk

    15. Brandon Lee Hinkle

    16. Brad Imes

    17. Jake O'Brien

    18. Keigo Kunihara

    19. Carmelo Marrero

    20. Icho Larenas

    21. Christophe Midoux

    22. Tom Murphy

    23. Mario Neto

    24. Sherman Pendergarst

    25. Anthony Perosh

    26. Fabiano Scherner

    27. Josh Shockman

    28. Christian Wellisch