UFC Hits (Volume 2) Giveaway...

I recently realized that I have two copies of UFC Hits Volume 2. In the spirit of the holidays, I have decided to give away one copy to the UG.

I am thinking of a fighter. Whoever guesses correctly first wins. Only one guess per person. Good luck!

Randy Couture

Giant Silva.

tito ortiz.

Nope, keep guessing.

Frank Shamrock

carlos newton

Genki Sudo

Vanderlei Silva

Phil Baroni

Jeremy Horn



Mark Kerr.

Manny Reyes.

(Oh, wait, does the fighter have to actually FIGHT?)

Joe Lauzon

No winner yet (and Gracie doesn't count, you have to be specific)

kyra gracie

fred ettish

Rorion Gracie
Rickson Gracie
Ralf Gracie
Royce Gracie
Roger Gracie
That other Gracie...you know, the one I can't think of, but the one you're thinking of...yeah, him.

Rickson Gracie