UFC in Feb sold out?!?

I was just trying to get some tickets and it seems like the show is already sold out. Do I just suck at the interweb or do UFC's actually sell out this far in advance?

you suck at the "interweb".... and at life.

Tickets are available at mandalaybay.com or by calling 877-632-7800.

sold out already?

well the little "search tickets at any price" thing comes up butkis so I assume they're gone.

They might be sold out on TicketMaster however you can call the Mandalay Bay and order tickets over the phone.

Saucy, will the UFC/Mandalay Bay be adding more seats in light of the heavy ticket sales?

I remember at UFC 40 I ordered my tickets way ahead of time, but when I got there they had also sold my seats to other people who bought them that day. Then they tried to give us lesser seats at first, until I explained to them they were going to either give me seats just as good or better, or there was going to be a big problem. In the end I sat in front of BJ Penn.

got mine last night.#881