UFC In Talks With Semmy Schilt

awilson82 -  Struve vs Semmy would be good but Struve would get murdered.

Why would it be good then?

Semmy's been there before and I'd love to see the damage he does on the feet nowadays. Last I saw of him was against Barnett:


if you read the Fighters Only article, it could just be Golden Glory playing head-games with K-1

apparently Schilt had a running joke going about his championship belt missing, and K-1 was offended by this, saying that they may bar him from the World GP this year because of it

i think it would be interesting

easy to take down or not, hes a 4 time K-1 WGP winner, and currently the best HW kickboxer in the world


HE mentioned this when he was on mmafighting.com


Semmy Schilt Focused on K-1, Wouldn't Rule Out UFC Return


Goddamn cool beans!

mmabay? LOL

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I'll wait for a source other than mmabay.

Please do not denigrate a quality MMA news site with your baseless accusations and sly remarks. Thank you.

I am not, and you are welcome.

 "I consider myself a fighter, and the rules decide what kind of fight it will be," Schilt said of distinguishing kickboxing from MMA. "There is a chance I will fight again in the UFC. There is always a chance."

Semmy vs Hunt as part of the re-introduction to the Japanese markets

MMABay is very usually a fine source. Haters like to hate for no reason.

voorhees - Didnt they say this about 2 years ago too?

Yeah, Schilt and Overeem both were at UFC 93 when both were negotiating with ZUFFA at the time. Pretty funny looking back because I bet they wish now that they could've signed Overeem then.

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MMABay is very usually a fine source. Haters like to hate for no reason.

If that is the case, it is a new revelation. They have earned healthy skepticism. I welcome them earning a better reputation.

Might be a good idea considering K-1/FEG haven't promoted any K1 show since July......

Libersolis -  My favorite Semmy moment is when he refused to touch gloves with Takayama, enraging Takayama then watching the enraged Takayama get pissed and beaten down.

My favorite Semmy moment is his staredown with Shoji.

The UFC HW division is the strongest it ever has been. However, it is still too thin. Good HW fighters are hard to find. They should sign guys like Schilt and Overeem.

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awilson82 -  Struve vs Semmy would be good but Struve would get murdered.

Why would it be good then?

Be a good fight until Semmy found the range and rythm and KO'd Struve part way into the 2nd. Also be a good showcase fight for Semmy.


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JSMHP - semmy will not easily be pounded out on the ground. cut maybe but he can take a punch
Ability to take a punch doesn't mean much when you're on your back defenseless taking punishment.  Refs will stop the fight - you don't have to be uncoscious.

Semmy controls the wrists well and his length stops a lot of shots coming in and any punches that do get to him don't seem to slow him down much. With that being send he really isn't very technical on the ground. If he really trained hard for mma he would be a pain in the ass of the UFC heavyweight division....not winning the big fights but going the distance with anyone that is trying to punch him out from the guard

Dr Mcsexy - I am drooling at the thought of JDS vs. Schilt.

I'm drooling at just the thought of both of them.