UFC In Talks With Semmy Schilt

I am drooling at the thought of JDS vs. Schilt.


I'll wait for a source other than mmabay.

he would brutalize struve/kongo/meathead/jds

the wrasslers would murder him and gonzaga would arm bar him.

Fuck sign him up! knees to the face all day son!

 semmy?  at 265? 

YES !!!!

Wouldn't mind seeing him back in the octagon, provided of course he learned TD or submission defense.

 lol @ mmabay

Zedlepln - 

I'll wait for a source other than mmabay.

This too.... But would be excited if true


Rumor has it he will fight the winner of McCorkle/Hunt

semmy will not easily be pounded out on the ground. cut maybe but he can take a punch

 awesome if true.


Nexuscrawlers -  awesome if true.



Didnt they say this about 2 years ago too?

Semmy will always be easy for fast wrestlers to take down.

Plus hes old now.

 UFC signing Semmy will be a tall order.

Crazy Zimmerman -  UFC signing Semmy will be a tall order.

I just dont understand what you could possibly mean by that...

He should fight the skyscraper Struve first, setting a record for the most height ever to grace a UFC fight.

 Struve vs Semmy would be good but Struve would get murdered.