UFC in Vancouver??

Dana said when asked on Off the Record if the Vancouver had enquired about holding a UFC event, "You'll see what happens. You'll see what happens."

Foreshadowing what is to come??

I hope so.

Maybe the Affliction ban in Vancouver on the Granville strip was done to prepare for the UFC.

Um, guys I think the Vancouver Athletic Commission just actually banned MMA. Sorry, check out Starnes' interview on Sherdog he talks about it quite a bit.

Yeah, I wrote a story about it when they dropped the sanctioning in Vancouver. The anomaly in Vancouver is that the city's athletic commission sanctioned MMA, NOT the provincial boxing commission.

The city doesn't want the liability but they are not opposing the sport being sanctioned at a provincial level.

We'll see....

Unfortunately, we don't allow MMA.

 Please oh please bring me the UFC - I will buy 5 first row tickets, where do I pre-buy? I do not care if it is a year away. Sign me up!!!!

FrankieBitchTits - They should hold the weighins in some bar on Davie..

Better known to the locals as "Gayvie". LOL

Vancouver is the nicest city I have ever been to. I love it there.

Well thank you very much Nick. We like it here too. It's really too bad that the athletic commision doesn't like what you do.

What venue do you guys think would be booked were an event to be held here?

There was a bodog at agrodome, but it's too small for the ufc. Coliseum is a little too big. I say do it open air on the cricket pitch in stanley park. That would rule.