UFC is real Low Point in TV

go to http://www.ufcmedia.com/article-says-ufc-a-real-low-point-in-tv.html to read more. Send the guy who wrote the article a chew out.

He says

Here's what UFC fans have in common:

A. They're mostly Nean-

derthal males hiding in caves.

B. They're not nearly sophisticated enough to appreciate the sweet science of boxing, nor the infield fly rule, the pick-and-roll, the left-wing lock, the bump draft or the pulling right guard.

C. They still think the "Flintstones" is a documentary


Flintstones isn't a documentary?!?!?!

Throws out college thesis

Groundskeeper Willie: Yah! I got these busted thumbs from space

Principal Skinner: Yes, that was an addictive video game.

Willie: Video game????!!!!!!!

How is the reporters combover on this page.
so bummed


Oh its not a documentary? Explain "Flintstones meet the Jetsons" then smart ass!!