UFC LHW division is thin?

they have 2 shining stars and maybe 1 other guy who is good in texeira.

machida is gone.

the rest of the top ten is littered with middleweights like chael, vitor, mousasi.

rashad and bader have nothing for the top guys.

at one point the LHW division was as stacked as the welterweight.

who do you see coming in to fill the void?

oh and until cormier actually shows he can make weight without renal failure, i am not counting him in yet.

Got Gus, Glover, Jones and got Cormier waiting in the wings.

Zuffa has done a horrible job marketing new talent at LHW.

Manuwa could potentially breakout and become a force.

If he gets past Alex he is the real deal.

If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much - Got Gus, Glover, Jones and got Cormier waiting in the wings.
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you're right I think the LHW division has been kinda thinning out for the past few years.. they still put on great fights but it def needs some new blood type of MMA athletes like the lighter divisions have. Thank God Gus looked so good in his last fight and looks to have star potential. Hopefully Cormier can excel there as well.. The best thing for the division imo would for Shogun to go on a vintage tear.. we can only hope

it looks even weaker than HW now that Vitor and Machida left

Thiago silva gave me much hope at one time ... I do enjoy Glovers level of badassery ... and Hendo is too far out of title contention... WAR CHAEL FTW! Phone Post 3.0

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