UFC Light Heavyweight 10

As we await Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs Forrest Griffin some 10 freaking months after he last defended the belt (which is just retarded, thank you TUF), a lot is left to question where the ever revolving Top Contenders rank and who lines up to get the winner? I've got a few answers as always to clean up the Light Heavyweight contender mess.

Chuck Liddell vs Shogun Rua OK, this was supposed to happen this coming weekend but both fighters got hurt and could not participate. So lets put em back together. They are both going to be healed up about the same time and what a great match between 2 of the best strikers in the game who are both near the top of the charts. Had Forrest Griffin not upset Shogun in their bout, he might be on the TUF TV show getting ready for his title shot. Chuck fell to Rampage but after a close split-decision loss to Keith Jardine, defeated Wanderlei Silva in a war! Both men are at the edge of a title shot so hook em up boys and winner becomes #1 contender.

Wanderlei Silva vs Lyoto Machida Everyone loves Machida and his unbeaten record, but his wins have been technical but not exciting for most fans and he hasn't always faced the top competition who could test his karate skills. Wanderlei Silva who held the Pride FC Light Heavyweight Championship for a short 5 years! went on a slump dropping fights to Cro Cop, Dan Henderson, and the aforementioned Liddell. Not to make excuses, but Cro Cop is a Heavyweight, Silva was sick and still fought Hendo, and Chuck, well, Chuck just beat him. This fight forces Machida to fight and I mean fight as Wanderlei just attacks people with abandon. This could prove Machida as the real deal or just another notch on the re surging handle of the "Axe Murderer."

Thiago Silva vs Rashad Evans Yet another undefeated fighter who is sometimes boring and avoids a real fight. Once again, the "other" Silva will force the fight upon him and oh yes, he is undefeated as well. The "0" must go fellas what a fight!

Keith Jardine vs Stephan Bonnar Poor, poor Keith. He's at the top after a win over Forrest Griffin, then gets just smashed by Houston Alexander, defeats one Chuck Liddell, and is then stomped by Wanderlei Silva in 36 seconds. Well, the inconsistency drops this cat down the list a bit and I for one am sick and tired of hearing everyone say he beat Stephan Bonnar and the judges screwed him. Watch it again morons, the "American Psycho" won. So let them rematch and settle it. Bonnar is coming off 2 straight wins and is looking for the big fight to put the spotlight back on his steroid tarnished record. Good fight good night.

So after my great matchmaking the results may change, but for now, here is my current UFC
Light Heavyweight Top 10

1 Champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
2 Forrest Griffin
3 Chuck Liddell
4 Shogun Rua
5 Wanderlei Silva
6 Lyoto Machida
7 Thiago Silva
8 Keith Jardine
9 Rashad Evans
10 Stephan Bonnar

Tell Joe Silva he's welcome.

"Joe Silva ranks fighters based on PPV draws and live gates."

I tried to give him some storylines and draws that would bring the $$$$ too.


Wanderlei/Lyoto would be the WORST thing Joe Silva could do.

Wanderlei is a potential Huge Draw. I put that in capital letters for a reason. Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture were Huge Draws. Wanderlei is becoming one. If you can manage to get Wanderlei another win or two, he may well become as huge as those guys were. As a fan, this is something I want because I love Wanderlei and I want to see America embrace a fighter with his kind of heart.

Now, Lyoto is the guy who beats everyone. He makes everyone he fights look foolish and stupid. He makes them look slow and incompetent. He's also somewhat boring.

So why would you take your potential next Huge Draw and put him up against someone who would like beat him in a boring fight and make him look old and slow and stupid?

Makes no sense at all. Feed Silva somebody like Stephan Bonnar. Lyoto is already deserving of a title shot without having to get another win, but if you insist on a win, have him fight Thiago Silva, because those two are the most deserving young fighters. Both undefeated and both worthy.

Wandy/Lyoto makes ZERO sense.

No Wand Lyoto.

While I feel he may have the best style at LH to take him out, its not worth risking.

Give him some bums for him to demolish. I just want to see the brutality. Then give him Rampage

Please not Machida he would run the whole time

Please not Machida he would run the whole time

Not bad!!

 1 Champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

2 Lyoto Machida
3 Forrest Griffin
4 Chuck Liddell
5 Shogun Rua
6 Wanderlei Silva 
7 Thiago Silva
8 Keith Jardine
9 Rashad Evans
10 Sokoudjou