UFC major announcement on Tuesday will be


It appears that the announcement that will be made on Tuesday will be that they are opening a permanent office in Toronto.

Dana White in a story with Canwest News Service also talked about the possibility of an Ultimate Fighter season in Canada in 2011.

He should announce they are cancelling tuf for a few years

He is announcing that he will be posting on the UG on a regular basis from this point forward, and taking suggestions from the great fans that post there.

Either GSP vs. KOS, GSP to coach an all canadian team for TUF 12 or a fan Expo in Toronto I'm guessing.

Probably just announcing GSP vs. KOS though.

The announcement is that they are 1 percent closer to being sanctioned in Ontario.

These huge announcements are always major disapointments.

I figured it would be the introduction of UFC napkins or something...

"Do you want to wipe your fucking face?"

They should just stop calling every useless announcement a major one.  It's to the point where it comes as a surprise when they actually have something important to announce. 

He just saved a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Geico.