UFC making big mistake

Why does it seem like everytime UFC has a monster card, like UFC 49 could be, they follow it up with one that is lacking. With UFC 50 on the way, they are blowing their proverbial wad on 49 and while they will show oldtimers who will wave to the crowd they will give people very little reason to buy UFC 50 I am guessing.

They will have Tito on 50, possibly against Shamrock. Mir/Arlovski, maybe. Hughes/Trigg 2? Murray/somebody?

If the "UFC 50" card looks anything like orcus' prediction, then I think it is safe to say that "UFC 50" will be a damn good follow-up to "UFC 49".


I don't know what your assumptions are regarding the "UFC 50" card, but after seeing Shamrock being dismantled in his last match against Ortiz, I'm more than happy to see them face-off again.

I think your usage of the phrase "old-timers" is disrespectful to say the least. Ken Shamrock is a legend of the sport.

Although, I would like to see some additional up-and-comers within the UFC, the bottom line is ticket sales. Apparently the last PPV featuring Shamrock vs Ortiz was extremely successful, so I'd assume that there is a market for fans wishing to see a rematch.