UFC Montreal Matchups???

Cote vs Grove is now rumoured for august as well as St.Pierre vs Koscheck. If these fights go down, who will be left for the montreal event??? What fights would you like to see?

I'd like to see:

Hominick vs Fisher
Macdonald vs Swick
Joslin vs Diego

Mark is 145 pounds in WEC, Swick now fights at 170, Diego is also fighting in August.

Sammy vs. Wiman

MacDonald vs. Kampmann

Creepy Joe Lauzon vs. Fisher

Fitch vs. Joslin


Joslin vs Fitch
GSP vs Serra(I wish)
Stout vs Tyson
Hollanda vs Maynard
Bocek vs Nate Diaz
Loiseau vs Yushin Okami

Just a few off the top of my head and I know with Serra's matchup with Hughes this wouldn't happen...

Victor vs Jardine or Victor vs Babalu

Maynard vs. Bocek would be good.....depending on the outcome of the Edgar fight I suppose.