UFC near Springfield, MA?

 trying to find a place near Springfield for the NAGA staff to watch the UFC this weekend. Anyone from the area know any restaurant/bars that will be showing it, and be able to accomodate 30 or so of us? Feel free to post here or email me at biggie@mixedmartialarts.com

i know the Buffalo Wild Wings in South Hadley was airing them for a while, not sure anymore though.


also if you wanna drive over to Worcester there's always Jillian's


the only places i can think of require a bit of traveling. jillian's in worcester, or buffalo wild wings in hadley. these are your safest bets, because they carry the show without doubt. if you go to buffalo wild wings, i'll see you there.


 one last ttt - called 15 different bars in Springfield, NONE of them are showing it. I don't think any of use are gonna want to drive 45 min to a place either