UFC needs finishing bonus!!

This was off the Din Thomas thread, but basically he suggested that the UFC needs a "finishing" bonus if they really want to make fights more exciting.

Pay them a flat fee to show and a "finishing" bonus where they get paid a good chunk for a KO or a submission. No extra cash will be paid for fights that go to decision.

This would solve a LOT of the problems the UFC has.

Totally agree. Even if it's small.

Say $500 if you finish your opponent and then maybe $1000 to the guy who gets the quickest victory

Sounds like an idea.

Wanderlei Silva wins...FATALITY!!!

"Say $500 if you finish your opponent"

$500? Do you think a fighter would even think about finishing for a bonus that small? Make it $5,000-$10,000 and I am sure fighters will go all out for a finish if they get a chance instead of riding the clock.


flat Fighting fee: 30,000

finishing bonus: 35,000

no bonus for winning should be paid. That's why guys like tank abbott were always so fun to watch. He went there to FIGHT not lay on some guy and hump him till time ran out.

A finishing bonus % of the pay the fighter would recieve with the win would work.

If a fighter makes $6000 with a win add an extra $2,000.

Or just have a flat bonus of $5 grand for any fighter.

It would be tough for fighters to give up their winning bonuses completely, but cutting those winning bonuses down by half and offering finishing bonuses that are even higher would definitely help things out. Notice how in alot of interviews fighters talk about how they got bills to pay?


The last UFC only had 1 decision on the main card. It seems like there has been more finishes lately anyway.

No more winning bonus, only finishing bonus.

There are smaller shows that have a no decision clause in there contract.That pays the fighters a "bonus" if the fight does not go to a decision.

Fatality ....LMFAO....