UFC Novelty bet thread

Event :- UFC 170

Bet :- Rhonda Rousey / Sara mcmann will physically touch at weigh in / stare down. This could be a push, head butt, knocking someones hands away. Conversely it could be a shake of hands before or after the stare down. If they physically touch at all at the weigh in.

Odds :- I am offering 2 to 1 ( +200 ) that Ronda / Sara will NOT come into contact
I.e my USD $20 to your USD $10.

Requirements :- To bet, must have over 1000 posts.

Bet limit :- My total bet exposure limit is $200 USD.

MISC :- If you want to use escrow we can. Any mod is acceptable for me but given the amount I think its more trouble than its worth. I am happy to trust you at your word as long as you meet the requirements.

To be extra clear.

If rhonda / sara touch. I give you $20. If they do not. You give me $10.

Won't happen. No bad blood between them Phone Post 3.0

They shook hands at press conference before staredown.

wow, thats a great offer. very tempting.

EDIT: just noticed post req.

Ill take that bet.

for how much ?

Your $20 to my $10. Phone Post


No way they touch, Sarah isn't willing to die. Phone Post 3.0

^Sara Phone Post 3.0

They are going to shake again... Phone Post 3.0

We have contact!!!

Auswilliam time to pay up Phone Post 3.0

What's your PayPal? Phone Post 3.0

Auswilliam - What's your PayPal? Phone Post 3.0

Sent you a pm.

Greatest bet of all time Phone Post 3.0


Auswilliam - sent

Thank you sir

Lol i like these type of bets Phone Post 3.0