UFC on Demand fights wont play...

bought 5 fights from UFC on demand...downloaded the stupid UFC media manager and they still won't play...it says I need to update my windows media player but I have the latest version so I guess I got screwed out of 11 bucks eh?

Same problem,,,getting to think it is some kind of scam.

"so I guess I got screwed out of 11 bucks eh?"

Click on HELP and it will give you an option to email or live chat with a Rep.

never had a problem with it... good luck

They play fine on other "sites"

I had that same problem at first and figured it was my firewall. I fixed it to allow the streams from their site and havent had any problems since. Could be your problem. They have good tech support you can check with as well.

Oh Yeah.... make sure your allowing cookies from site also. :)