UFC on its way out ???

UFC has done alot in the past few years to biuld up the sport , but they have also made some very bad mistakes imo.

Letting top stars go - Pulver stated it off, he was on top, undefeated LW champ and they let him go!Josh Barnett,Busta,Tanner,Menne,Penn ect ect.

Lack of Champions- Why do we not have a LW champ since Jens left what over 2 years ago? Hw title has been vacant for close to a year now , Ww after Busta left same WTF

Lackluster fights- theres like 2 figths on the next show I want to see Shamrock vs Kimo is not one of them.

The whole Penn situation is just ridiculous, I see shows like Pride,K1 , and now ROLR are make big shows with great fights.

Will UFC survive??

...from what I heard, 50 is a nice round number...

If it survived a cable ban and live gates of 2,500 people for years, then I'd have to say yes.

Even if Zuffa had just Couture and Belfort on their payroll, I'd still be happy. It sure beats going to Cedar Rapids or Mobile, Alabama to watch a Mo Smith/Ruas main event. No offense to them of course :). But you know what I mean..

Some people just don't realize how lucky we have actually been lately.

ShotCaller- I agree, like I stated they have done alot for the sport, BUT recently they have makeing bad choices and other shows are seeming take over.

I definitely hope Zuffa sticks around. They have pushed the sport to new heights in America and it is a great production.

I wish I had a dollar for everytime I had to supposedly prepare my resume.


Mistakes made or not....I think it is better than ever!

Oliver Fig

saucylv33 - so are you saying K-1 hasn't made you an offer yet? jk

I wouldn't worry about it because your body fits the UFC image (I saw your drawing w/Dana on another thread) ha.

Zuffa is the shit.

It does seem like the UFC should look at either putting on more shows in Japan directly or partnering w/ a Japanese promotion to build up a second 'league' in Japan.

The gates there are higher, the merchandising is better, and you would have more shows to build up fighters who could cross between US and Japanese shows.

Would make it easier to support additional weight classes such as 155, w/ the additional events.

And would also (theoretically) boost revenues.