Ufc on pace to do 6 million ppv buys in 2013

The UFC's global expansion to this point has still catered to their audience in the west, with their focus mainly on North America. That's been there home base, so it's made sense to put together events that could still air in primetime in the U.S. and Canada.

Their pay-per-view business has been a major part of their revenue, and in a recent interview with CNBC.com, UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta said they're going to garner "well over" six million pay-per-view buys for 2013.

But with that focus comes odd times for their markets in Europe, Asia, and Australia, and Fertitta said they'll be shifting that as they head into 2014, making a more concerted effort in their expansions in those regions.

"Right now the focus is the majority of our content is aired prime time in North and South America, which puts it at an odd time in places like Europe and Asia," Fertitta said. "In 2014 what we are going to do is expand the live events into major capitals around Europe in prime time, to build the business here and do the same thing in Asia." Phone Post