UFC please sign SHogun

he is too good to not fight for the title somewhere and he obviously isnt fighting the axe murderer

Agreed, though that would definitely shake up the LHW division in the UFC much more than the Rampage signing.

A TON of interesting matchups come about if Shogun comes over. I think it would be GREAT.

the way he over powered Nakamure before gassing was impressive. He definitely can take chuck down a few times and with his skill he might be able to do something

I bet Shogun and Silva fight in Feb.

Trigg kept hinting at it,and Wandy wasn't with SHogun last night.

shogun will not be fighting for pride much longer.

shogun will not fight wandy... chute box rules

Smart fighters should consider offers now in case Pride does fold. The Pride brass already said they can't sustain the high paydays much longer if things don't look up for Pride soon. If they wait, the UFC will low ball them since they will have no more competition. This is the time to jump ship and Cro Cop knew it.

But hopefully Pride will sell and get back on track in Japan and continue to try to make progress on the big MMA market which is now the American Market.

though shogun is awsome i think the guy wouldnt be as good in the ufc because of the rules: mainly the kick a guy in the head one because he sure dose that alot

would love to see him, but if he fought the way he did against Nak with Chuck, Chuck would knock him out.

IMO his skill set would adapt perfectly to the cage and UFC rules, where his average boxing skills would be even less of a factor than in Pride.

shogun by heelhook

Shogun could beat anyone at 205 on a good day