UFC Press Conference Live at 2:00 EST

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                                UFC Press Conference Live at 2:00 EST

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 Is that 11:00 or 12:00 pacific time?

11:00am pacific time

Thanks Shaq

 Is everyone else staring at a UFC press conference screen with no action, lol

^ yeap. =*(

They never start on time anymore.

It's a very nice stage...


 live now.

 there we go

yes, it's up=)

Please let me know what happens... I can't see shiiii...

Tom O Bedlam - It's a very nice stage...


Yeah I'm kind of partial to the Harley Davidson logo!


 Is Cro Cop there? didn't see him

Dana White says they are paying Rampage "next to nothing" to do the A-Team.

 We need a gif of The Dana flexing.. that was great lol

any news ???

 anywhere to watch non silverlight, non flash (at work)

 Of course!  I was kidding ready to go to work, so I missed the entire PC... THEN as I am about to walk out the door they tell me it's raining and to take the night off!

SONOFABITCH!<!--Session data-->


RickStorm -  We need a gif of The Dana flexing.. that was great lol

 As soon as he did that my first thought was, how long before that's on the UG.