UFC/Pride HW class.

are they even now?  only a year ago the UFC HW class was a joke, is it now?


MMAweekly.com rankings.

HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION  (over 205 pounds)

#1 Heavyweight Fighter in the World:  Fedor Emelianenko~Pride

2. Mirko Cro Cop~UFC

3. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira~Pride

4. Josh Barnett~Pride

5. Randy Couture~UFC

6. Tim Sylvia~UFC

7. Andrei Arlovski~UFC

8. Fabricio Werdum~UFC

9. Aleksander Emelianenko~Pride

10. Mark Hunt~Pride


half UFC and half Pride.


Anyone able to connect to PRIDE's website?...It looks like it is gone??

hey long time no see...i had the same problem.

Hey Irish...:)

I wonder if the Site is gone for good, or just for maintenance...Normally something like that wouldn't catch my attention...But with PRIDE's condition, it makes me wonder...:(

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they did cancel the next US show so who knows?

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Yeah...It's gonna be weird not having PRIDE around..:(...I hope they make it.

yeah me too...i like the fighters changing organizations.  It's cool to see UFC fighters in Pride and Pride fighters coming to the UFC.

Anyone that has Mark Hunt as a TOP 10 HW is a idiot. I've been saying it for year.

Butterbean is more deserving

Mark hunt would wreck silvia and arlovski.

If sergei was his old self he'd be up there as well.

Signing Cro Cop away from Pride represented a dramatic shift in the balance of power. It formally signified that the UFC was now both able and willing to spend more $$$ than Pride could to get the best fighters.

Then when they signed Werdum, UFC's HW division was officially no longer markedly below Pride's. With just 2 big signings, the UFC had caught up.

Then Randy re-established himself as a top player in the HW scene as well. And suddenly the UFC has 5 world-class HW's, when for the longest time they never had more than 2.

Another telling signal is the matchup of Arlovski vs. Werdum.

When was the last time you ever saw two legit top 10 HW's fighting each other in the UFC when it's not for the title? Hell, even in title matches, when was the last time you ever saw two top 10 HW's fighting each other who weren't named Arlovski and Sylvia?

Although I don't think Randy should leapfrog someone like Werdum who has recently and consistently faced and performed well against top competition, those rankings accurately reflect the beginning of a changing of the guard.

The trend is inevitable. The UFC's HW division will continue to deepen and will surpass Pride's.

Imagine saying that just a couple of years ago - hell imagine saying that even just last year - without drawing a chorus of snickers.

"Anyone that has Mark Hunt as a TOP 10 HW is a idiot. I've been saying it for year.

Butterbean is more deserving "


Your an idiot...

 Loss Fedor Emelianenko Submission (Kimura) PRIDE-Shockwave 2006 12/31/2006 1 8:16
 Loss Josh Barnett Submission (Kimura) PRIDE-Critical Coutdown Absolute 7/1/2006 1 2:02
 Win Tsuyoshi Kohsaka TKO (Strikes) PRIDE-Total Elimination Absolute 5/5/2006 2 4:15
 Win Yosuke Nishijima KO (Punch) PRIDE 31-Dreamers 2/26/2006 3 1:18
 Win Mirko Filipovic Decision (Split) PRIDE-Shockwave 2005 12/31/2005 3 5:00
 Win Wanderlei Silva Decision (Split) PRIDE-Shockwave 2004 12/31/2004 3 5:00
 Win Dan Bobish TKO PRIDE 28-High Octane 10/31/2004 1 6:23
 Loss Hidehiko Yoshida Submission (Armbar) PRIDE-Critical Countdown 2004 6/20/2004 1 5:25



Wins over TK, Cro Cop, and Wand.

butterbean...he did beat that WWE wrestler. Losses to Genki Sudo who he outweighs by 200lbs and Minowa who he outweighs by almost 200lbs.

or if he'd just sign the the fucking contract and fight.

I am a very big fan of Vera and think he has tremendous potential.

But thank logic that he is no longer at #10. Like I said, I'm a very big fan of his, but his record in no way merited a top ten ranking when he has yet to even face 1 top ten opponent.

Now he has looked great so far against decent opposition, but when there are other guys who have faced, done well against, and even beaten top ten guys, those guys should definitely be ranked ahead of him for now.

it doesn't make sense...if the UFC was offering him 200k per fight...that's Tito, Chuck, Hughes type money.  He isn't 1/10 of the draw as any of those guys either.  Just sign the contract fight and win...do that and your set for life with the UFC.

"ttt for the future Philip Miller of the heavyweight division"

  • Huh. Interesting reference. Never thought of that.

But already so far Vera's been a lot more exciting than Miller ever was, and more dominant against the competition they've given him.

But interesting point about the inflated record. I hope that's not what becomes of Vera.