UFC Primetime Episode 2 Video Link???

Anyone have a link to watch the episode from tonight?

don't ask, don't tell.

eltigre - I missed the show, and would also appreciate a link. You'd think the UFC would make it readily available- it is, after all, an advertisement for the event.

yeah I'm sure spike wouldn't care at all if the UFC was putting the show on their site the day it aired on spike.

oh i agree. lol me too! i opted not to record it or watch it tonight because I wanted to record the magic johnson/ Larry bird special on HBO (and man am I glad I did). but yeah, it'll show up on ufc.com tomorrow or mondayI bet.

ever heard of torrents?

TomoMMA - ever heard of torrents?

 Yes, but I couldn't find it on the regular torrent sites. Wanna give me a clue?

private sites....
EDIT: search ufc primetime torrent in google if not a member of private site



Card -  http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2010/3/17/1377543/ufc-primetime-st-pierre-vs-hardy

 thanks Card