UFC PS2 Game

Got my kids a UFC PS2 game for xmas and seeing their faces light up fighting the guys they see daddy fight was a dream.

I may not have achieved the best status in the fight game but would have loved to been asked to be part of the PS2 video game.

Watching my kids see daddy on their game box would have been better that winning any UFC. (my thoughts anyhow, my kids happiness is all I live for)

Am I too late for this or can anyone help with conections to this? I see they have guys on there with a lot worse record than mine and also less UFC fights.

after all, British fans and british kids play UFC PS2 but with no Brits on the game... would it not be better to add a good looking dude named THE MACHINE!

Hey Ian,

How are you?  Hope things are well.  Hopefully your kids are playing with that Elvis character... ;)

Contact Zuffa as they are the ones that arranged for me to be on the game.  I think it's just a matter of luck and timing.  I was fighting for them when they were first putting the game together.



TTT for lil ian bashing up some fool

Hey, will the game allow you to create your own character like the first ufc game and save it? Then you or your kids can create a character that looks like you although it wouldn't have the tattoos and stuff.

I thought it was weird that Erica Montoya was in the game. What sense does that make?

I am shocked your not in the game yet they have Coleman, Randleman, Mezger, Willaims, Rutten, TK, Busta, Horn, and Montoya.WTF is that?YOu belong in that game more than half of those people(Horn, and Busta belong) the other people are not UFC fighters anymore and haven't been for the longest time.

I really enjoy watching this guy fight. IMHO, the heavyweight division needs the excitement Freeman brings to a fight.

ttt for Ian in the game and BACK IN THE UFC!

Ian, are you sure you aren't on there? They have quite a few fighters that obviously aren't licensed but are placed on that game with altered names. For example: Jin Tompkins (Din Thomas), Bomb Zip (Bob Sapp), Don Hender (Dan Henderson). The names are changed but the characters look as much like the real life fighter as the ones with real names. I know its not exactly the same thing but its worth a look. I'll take a look when I get home.

Oops, double post.


Just found out that the makers of the game came to a few UFC's and 'scanned' the fighters for their movements. Only these fighters have appeared on the game.

wingsfan, let me know what you find out pal.

thanks all.