UFC rankings roundup 10/31/18: DC #1 P4P


Dominick Cruz moves into #15, hasn't fought since losing to Garbrandt 2 years ago. Sounds legit. 

Top 10 P4P:

  1. Daniel Cormier 
  2. Khabib Nurmagomedov 
  3. TJ Dillashaw 
  4. Max Holloway 
  5. Georges St-Pierre 
  6. Tyron Woodley 
  7. Conor McGregor (LOL... ranked above Stipe....)
  8.  Henry Cejudo 
  9.  Stipe Miocic 
  10. Cris Cyborg 

Flyweight: DJ no longer in rankings. Formiga up to #1.

Bantamweight: Cody still #1? Ha ha, fuck off with this division while you're getting rid of 125.

Light Heavyweight: Jones still not ranked. Gus #1, Smith #2.

Women's Flyweight: Nicco still #2 (bwahahaha). Joanna not ranked, but will fight for title (har de har har).

Nothing else worth noting. 

Yeah that list sucks.

A list whitout Jon Jones is a retarded list. Sure he’s an idiot, but i still consider him the Goat.

The only reason I can imagine for Jones not appearing in the rankings is the policy I think they have about not ranking suspended fighters. However, his suspension ended on October 28 and they made his fight against Gustafsson official more than two weeks ago, so I can see no real reason he shouldn't be in the October 31 rankings.