UFC really screwing fans recently

"LOL at all you morons getting excited about televised dog shit. If I could pick between free shitty MMA, or paying for quality PPV's with the worlds best fighters I choose PPV. Quality matters."

You are fucking retarded. Televised dog shit? If the fights on UFN 6 was the undercard for UFC 62 then the ppv as a whole would have been one of the best ever.

You are just another one of those jackasses who fail to see that TUF actually produces great fighters.

Diego just beat a title contender
Koshckeck just beat the #2 ranked canadian.
Leben came back to knock out Santiago after the embarassing ass-whoopin Silva put on him.

You cannot tell me the shit that went down on thursday was televised dog shit.

*edited for clarification

If your going to put on a billion shows you should really pick some talent from all over the globe. How often do they have fighters from Russia, Brazil, Japan or other parts of the world fight on their cards? Not very often is the answer. There is a lot of unsigned talent internationally, it's just that the UFC doesn't want to have to pay for a plane ticket to get these guys in their events.

1) Wouldn't it have been Pride that nixxed the Liddell/Silva fight, not the UFC?

2) If GSP is injured, it's just bad luck, not something the UFCs doing to tick us off.

"Of course, the free UFN shows are not the top names in the sport.... financially that would be impossible"

This UFN had Karo vs. Diego two top 5 WW's...

The next one has Tito Ortiz and BJ Penn...

Hell they may not be the BEST in the world, but live free TV, it's a pretty high level of fighter they are showing.