UFC should implement a 10 count

I believe it would be beneficial to the sport, to implement a 10 count (similar to boxing) after a knockdown.

I realize that often a fighter jumps right on his foe and the fight then becomes a ground fight, but I'm tallking about situations like tonight's fights.

I thought that even though Cabbage was being dominated, he was clear headed enough to put his arm in position to block the strikes that he anticipated were coming, after the knockdown.

I think that instead of stopping the fight automatically after a big knockdown, the ref could issue a count. This allows him to check the fighter's eyes and his balance to see how badly he's hurt. It would also allow the fighter a chance to prove himself capable of continuing with the fight.

Knockdowns could be scored as a two point round (again similar to boxing) so as to still provide a reward for scoring one.

I think Lawler was clearly out on his feet, but he also tried to get up too soon. Maybe, had he been given a count, he could've gathered his wits and continued on. At the count of eight, if his legs were still wobbly, then a halt could still have been called.

Again, I thought about this during Cabbage's fight, because I thought it was clear that he was not that badly hurt (although he was clearly losing) and deserved a chance to continue.

Please discuss.

Stupid idea....the problem with boxers brains after they fight for long periods of time, is detrimental to their health. They can hardly form a coherant sentence because of how many times they've been hit. And that comes directly from the standing 10 count in boxing...

in mma, you knock the dude down and rush him, you can get 4-5 good shots (on average) before ref stops it...then thats the end of the fight. No need to force a man to fight more, by implementing a count. Its not good for their health.

If they implemented a 10 count or a standing 8, we would be watching boxing.

Come on, a "time out" in mma is a bad idea.

you go girl!

Oh hell no- a ten count in the UFC is a really stupid idea.

Shooto has a 10 count ... then again i see shooto more as a sport and the UFC like proveing grounds.

"If they implemented a 10 count or a standing 8, we would be watching boxing."

Basically, that was most of tonight's action.

"how about letting the guy follow up on his knockdown and FINISH it for real."

I'd personally prefer that as well, but the refs clearly are NOT going to allow that either. I think a 10 count could work.

If the ref doesn't feel that it was a particularly devastating knockdown, then fine... let the fight go to the ground without interuption.

If he seriously thinks it was a very stunning blow, then use a discretionary count (two points for the striker) to check on the downed fighter's status. It gives the downed man a chance to prove that he's still able to fight and defend himself.

they just need to tell the refs to calm the fuck down

"Come on, a "time out" in mma is a bad idea."

What would you call it when the two lay there on the ground, waiting for the stand up? And, ever notice how long some fighters are able to drag out the stand ups? Wouldn't you call that a "time out"?

I'm not trolling here. I'm just posing the question to you all. So far, it seems that only I think it would be a good idea.

8 count, 10 count. Either way, a horrible idea. That is the worst thing about boxing. Anyone who thinks the 8 count is for any reason other than to produce the spectacular KO is naive.

no way the 10 count would be good.... the gloves are so much smaller & you add kicks, knees, & elbows in & it means trouble for a dazed opponent.

refs just need to keep back like 3 to 5 seconds more than they normally would jump in to make sure the fighter is unable to protect themselves. lawler was toast so it wouldn't matter, but cabbage could have possibly pulled guard & may have hung in... who knows?

What if a fighter knocks down his opponent and wants to finish with a sub while he's till groggy? Would the ref stop him and wait until the downed fighter recovers?

"Anyone who thinks the 8 count is for any reason other than to produce the spectacular KO is naive."

Racer X, good point.

"they just need to tell the refs to calm the fuck down"

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks they've been a little quick to stop fights lately.

No to the 10 count, yes to refs letting fights go a little further.

Fuck a 10 count. A 10 count ain't "As real as it gets." In reality you knock a fool down you follow him and maul his ass like a rabid pitbull.

LOL, worst idea eva.

a count out? Then what would happen to the ground game? Bad idea. If you want a count watch K-1!

How about a ten second rule after they are knocked down. Say someone jumps on the guy that they knocked down with a devastating shot, and then the person who had been knocked down has a ten second period to begin to mount a reasonable defense before the ref. ends the fight. The fact that Cabbage propelled himself into a back roll to get himself back to his feet is evidence that he was not KTFO. There are a lot of fights where this could have saved a terrible early stopage. Liddell vs. Randleman would be a good example of this. The crop of top notch wrestlers who used to be prominate in the UFC seem to be thining out, is this a marketing strategy to promote more exciting fights in a striker biased market?