UFC should've offered GUSTAFSSON to fight Jones...

...in replace of an injured Dan Henderson at UFC 151 and most likely Jon Jones would have taken that fight since like Alexander Gustafsson, Jones took the title shot on a short notice against Shogun Rua in replace of then-injured Rashad Evans.

I say this was the mistake in all of this, the replacement. Alternatively it could be Lyoto Machida whom Dana White announced is the new #1 contender, but I think everybody would be more interested in Gustafsson and that includes Jones himself as he said he doesn't wanna fight Machida again, which would then save the UFC 151 card from cancellation (if I'm not mistaken this is the first time ever something like this happened in UFC history).

Gustafsson is gonna fight in December at UFC on Fox 5 anyway, a mere two months less to UFC 151 which takes place on September. So what's with UFC choosing Chael Sonnen instead? Because he's Hendo's teammate? Because people always tune in whenever Sonnen fights? Because he talks a lot?

Whatever it is, Jones' refusal to fight him is reasonable from his and Greg Jackson's point of view, I may not agree with it like most of you since he's the champion and he's about to fight a guy who's coming off a TKO loss and moving up in weight with no full training camp, but if we're in their shoes it's entirely different perspective from just being MMA fans as they could be thinking fighting Sonnen is a high risk, low reward loss-loss situation.

That's what I think but do you guys think?

Or maybe Gustafsson turned down the offer to fight Jones since it's reported that several fighters turned it down besides Sonnen?

Probably Phone Post

Three months, not two, and it's probably the 8 days notice thing. Not a lot of guys could mentally handle a tall order like fighting JBJ with only a week to prepare. Phone Post

Now it gets even weirder, Jones is fighting Vitor Belfort now WTF and everybody's finding this very odd really. If UFC could've picked Gustafsson in the first place none of these confusions would occur in all of us.

Gustafson said in swedish doc that he is training to always be ready for a call.

Bones would NEVER fight gus without full camp. My guess is Jones would win anyway but its his f'in psyche holding him back Phone Post

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Gustafsson has been rehabbing injuries after the Thiago Silva bout and not training super hard for the summer time. Just last week he said that he has taken some time off.
Also he walks at over 230 pounds so the weight cut with long distance flights might have been a problem.

Over 230? Damn

Just saw a documentary in swedish on his road to ufc sweden and i thought he said he is always training and ready etc

Dont matter, he will get there and now he still has time to adapt to wrasslers while first facing ageing shogun Phone Post

We nordic folks like to enjoy to the short summer time, relax and load batteries for the upcoming winter. I'm sure Gustafsson, who really likes fishing, boating etc, is no exception.

MarcusRenatoBlackBelt - Jones would not fight ANYBODY on that date on short notice. Period.

Yeah most likely that's the case, it's all on Jones. And Greg Jackson.

I think his twitter mentioned signing for a dec fight. Phone Post