UFC show ?

I was handed a club flyer with UFC logos on it, saying UFC fighters and celebrities would be at an official 3 rivers event in ft. wayne this weekend. I think I know who borrowed the UFC logos, but have not heard anything on the show?

I heard the same thing.  I heard the name Fitch bouncing around too, which makes sense for the area..  Usually when a "UFC" supported event pops up, it's the Bowersocks, and Wes Simms shows up.  Any way you can jot down any more information from the Flier?

I heard the show actually went well, do to a Staley person promoting it. You know who x 2 were in the background I heard.

I have heard the Bowersocks doing that alot also throwing name sout like Coleman and Zacherich and tito and so forth but nothing comes of it. What can we do about false promoting.? anything?

lol i feel you there. it was funny my team has been to tons of shows cause we look like we train out of a garage (bit case infact we have one of the largest gyms inindpls) and we have taken some losses to those peopl and when we trained harder and came back they try funyn shit. i feel ya all the way


i think we all know who is behind this shadiness.... when will they ever learn?

the bowersocks are a bunch of greaseballs.... i wonder if they even realize what shitty people they are