UFC SpikeTV Monday!


So this is for sure going to be shown in Canada? I hope the programming is the same here as in the States in because in Toronto they show WWE on TSN not Spike.

It will be shown in Canada.

The show will definatley be shown in Canada

I still have no confirmation as to when it will be. I have heard everything from 8:00 Pacific to 11:00 Pacific.

I am sorry I cannot be any more specific. I suggest camping out in front of the TV set with Spike on and waiting until it starts. :)

I will let everyone know if I hear more.

Beth from the UFC now tells me it should be 11:00pm

I cant wait.

Awesome, thanks Arnold.

can't wait!

hey Arnold, you say Beth says it will be 11pm, but not the time zone?? Is that Eastern?


I hear it will be on 11:00 in both pacific and eastern times
but I can not be sure.

Even Beth told me she is only pretty sure not 100 percent.

Everyone, check your listings because I just heard 11 pm on Spike TV but please recheck.

Question: Is that guy really such a dick, or do you think they paid him
to act like a dick to add drama to the show?

Team Quest enjoys alcohol

Is that Doerksen vs Leben fight still online? Leben acted like an a$$ but he is a tough mofo. Can't believed he finished the run!

I Missed the UFC TC show.

I went to watch it at 11:00pm and Maximum Exposure was on instead. I looked everywhere including getting one of my friends to flip one channel at a time through several hundred channels but to no avail.

I guess it was on at 8pm. I am sorry if anyone missed the show because of me but all my homeworked showed 11:00 Pacific time.

The replay is on Friday Saturday and Sunday.

well it was on after wrestling, so use that people.

TTT for our boy Josh from Buffalo!! Kick some ASS!!!!