UFC to Ontario in 2010

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                                UFC to Ontario in 2010

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[UFC President Dana White said he expects MMA to be legalized in Ontario and that once it is, the UFC will hold an event in Toronto. He said he expects to hold a show in Ontario in 2010.

“We’re coming next year,” White said. “I’m very confident we’re going to be there next year. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be. We’ve put on two successful events in Montreal. We’ve been putting on successful events for almost 10 years now. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be in Ontario.

“We know what a big market it is. We know the economic impact it will have on that [province]. It’s ridiculous. We’re going to get in there. It’s all talk now. But other than a boring main event, I don’t think there’s anything up in Montreal that they saw that would keep us out of Ontario.”

Though there had been talk that the UFC would stage its annual late December card in Toronto instead of in Las Vegas this year, White put the damper on that.

“I don’t think we’ll be there in December,” White said. “But we will be there next year.”

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UFC + Sky Dome = FTW!!!

Be the biggest live audience in the history of UFC. Once Dana gets a look at the profits he'll make, I doubt he'll bother holding a UFC in Vegas ever again. They could sell out Sky Dome every month of the year. It would make an awesome home for the UFC.


True story.

That's big news for the UFC and I hope it's the start of them branching out to western Canada.

UFC would max it out. WWE did something like 45k iirc. UFC will do a full 55k-65k imo. And they could do it every month of the year no problem.

^^ true

SkyDome would be great, but it will probably be at the ACC.