UFC TOP 5 / And Pride TOP 5

The problems with rankings are simple ,we will never see pride vs UFC, so instead of fighting over who beats who lets make two Ranking.

UFC 205-265
1: Tim Sylvia (he has the belt)
2: Andrei Arloski
3: Jeff Monson
4: Silva
5: Frank Mir

Pride: 205-UP
2:Mark Hunt
3Crop Cop
4:Josh Barnet
5: Febrio Wudrum

UFC 185-205
1; Rich Franklin
2: Anderson Silva
3: Chris Leban
4: Evan Tanner
5: Mike Swick -David Loiseau

Pride 160-183 (not too sure about this weight class)
1: Dan Henderson
2: Pholo filo (have no clue how to spell it properly
3: Denis Kang
4: Bustamente
5: Phil Baroni

UFC 155-170
1: Matt Hughes (he has the betl, GSP RUles tho)
2: GSP
3: BJ Penn
4: Karo
5: Diago

UFC Down-155
1: Sean Sherk
2: Sam Stout
3: Spencer Fisher
4: Yves Edwards
5: Hermes Franca

Pride down-160
1: Gomi
2: Tayajawani (Shooto Champ can't spell his name)
3: Sakurai
4: Hensen
5: Auserilo (chute boxe guy i think i spelled it right

Add your top five

Forgot about LHW

UFC 1: Chuck 2:Tito 3: Babalu 4: Forrest 5: Bonner

Pride: 1: Wand 2: Shogun 3: Ricardo 4: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira 5: Overeem

"(he has the betl, GSP RUles tho)"

hughes= paper champ

i put vera as 4 also for some reason i put silva ? my bad .....Hey i think GSP better then Matt but it would be an insult not to put the champ as #1 it's not universal rankings it's by promotions

Pholo Filo is tough!

ufc hw 1 AA 2 Monson 3 Buentello 4 Vera 5 Mir

ufc lhw 1 TITO 2 Chuck 3 Babalu 4 Lister 5 Forrest

ufc mw 1 Rich 2 Evan Tanner 3 Leben 4 Lister 5 the Crow

Nog will win Pride OWGP

Nog is the 2nd best HW fighter in the world

the only person he cant beat is Fedor

everyone else he wins