UFC Training Center Address / Tourable?

So, in a few weeks I'll be in Vegas and Utah for a family vacation. Usual shit, Clark W. Grizwald style. Fuck my life.

My wife, oldest son, and I are (obviously) huge UFC fans. I've been to 52, 68, 101, and a Fight Night in VA octagonside. Thousands of dollars spent on seats and PPVs, but, it's what I dig, so I gladly pay it. Anyway, while in Vegas, I'll be staying at MGM Grand (like a playa?), but, I'd really like to swing by the UFC Training Center where the TUFs are filmed for a few photos. Is this possible? Is the facility's location a 'secret' or does anyone know the location so I could swing by and take a photo? Does it have a gear shop so I could buy some gear? My son would love it - hey, who am I kidding, so would I.

Dana and/or UFC... please, hook up a East Coast fan! PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME if anyone has any information (please, no dick pics).


It is a secret!

Alright, I'll top this once more and pick up in AM.

Yes, this has worked out brilliantly.

I LOST A BET AND LOVE MIRS ASS - I'm sure they would love you stopping buy for a few pics while they are filming the next season. Just promise not to tell anyone the outcome and all should be well.

Are they filming now?

I saw the place, white van was out front. Shitty warehouse complex. Would have liked to look inside, but didn't even try.