I placed the order and I got a confirmation email but no code or anything. When I try to click on the "watch high resolution stream" I get nothing. It won't let me click it at all. I'm guessing I have to wait until 10pm when it starts?

Does anyone know how this works? I could not find good instructions on their site.

Yup. You have to wait untill just before it airs the Main Card at 1900 Vegas Time.

thanks for your help! Man that site sucks! Does the live stream come through good? I hope so!

"Does the live stream come through good? I hope so!"

Yes, very good IMO

The stream's not bad quality considering the bitrate. It's about as good as high quality VHS.

VHS is good enough for me. I wish they would give a discount for having to watch it that way, But whatever..

Streaming isnt bad, ive done it 3 times now.

Wait till it starts, then click watch. You may have to refresh before you do this.

Have you downloaded the ufc media manager?

I've found the stream quality to be surprisingly good.

Yeah i too would've thought that the stream would be cheaper since #1 they probably pocket the entire chunk, don't have to pay money to the cable companies on it. And #2 it's not the same quality.

But either way it's a step in the right direction.

I have an ADSL where I live (no faster connection available unfortunately). So my question is do I have time to sign up, download the media manager and watch the card? And will my internet speed be a problem?

You might want to post the speed of your ADSL, it comes in a pretty broad range of download speeds.

well the connection-icon says 100.0 Mbps if that helps... :(

it is actually my younger brother's pc so I wouldn't know exactly what he is paying for...

ttt and thx in advance!!!


I don't think you would have any problem with an ASDL connection, but it's been awhile since I've worked with one.

Seems like plenty of time to sign up and get the media manager.

thx appreciate it

"Have you downloaded the ufc media manager? "

No,where do I download it? I'm guessing on the website somewhere...

The "watch stream" button is now working for me and the player is up and running with the pre-show thing. Try it again.

It's never frozen up for me when watching the stream. Unfortunately, I got every bit on Syliva - Monson.

Ok, I was able to click on the link to watch it. It just shows a picture of Tito & Liddell and it says it is scheduled to start at 7pm pt etc.

Is this what everyone else is seeing???