UFC Unleashed - Suggestions

I apologise if a similar thread has been posted previously.

As Unleashed is about showcasing the most exciting fights and fighters I thought it might be worth suggesting what we'd most like to see, who knows, maybe someone from Spike TV would be interested in our suggestions.

Some that spring to mind:

Shonie Carter vs. Matt Serra
Robbie Lawler vs. Aaron Riley
Genki Sudo vs. Leigh Remedios
Carlos Newton vs. Pete Spratt
Hermes Franca vs. Rich Crunkilton
Yves Edwards vs. Josh Thomson

BJ Penn vs. Matt Hughes :)

Frye vs. Tank.

Severn vs. Shamrock I

Rizzo vs. Barnett

Tito vs. Kondo

Serra vs. Carter

how about some throw backs gracie, shamrock, bas, ect.

it's basically being used, it seems, to hype the next PPVs, which is smart, imo. So if Chuck or Randy is fighting on the next card (which they are... each other.. at 57) then the next ones will probably be lots of Chuck and Randy fights, and obviously both of the fights against each other. I'd like to see more of the fights that arent shown on PPV, but I do like how they are using it to push the guys in the PPV. Hell that Sherk fight against Raddach, I never saw. I never saw Diaz v Parisian either... so that was cool to see. Hughes vs Sakuri (sp) I never saw that until the other night.

Please keep in mind:

This show is not about showing the best and most exciting fights, but rather is about showing the best and most exciting fights that fit within the marketing and business plan.

Big difference.

Oh, and Frank vs. Tito would be nice to see.

Frank and Tito would be awesome!


Maybe one day Dana will wake up in a good mood and forget all his petty peeves.

Ken Shamrock Vs Dan Severn 2....

LOL at showing BJ vs. Hughes right now.. come on, you think they are gonna admit that ever happened?

Amber vs. Rochelle -- Lingerie Match

Hackney vs. Son

Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster

I wonder if they have footage of the prelims of the early UFCs?  I'd like to see something like Remco Pardoel vs Alberto Cerro Leon.

I doubt they'd show anything pre-Zuffa now.

LOL @ Frank vs. Tito :)

Yeah, I like how they help promote current fighters and build interest for upcoming fights, however, some of the old classics are impossible to ignore.

Considering Dana has stated the LW division will be back then some Unleashed LW showcases would be ideal, as we know there have been some very good LW fights.

LOL. Oh come on Leigh, you wouldn't deny us that sick belly to belly would you ;)... Sides, you did a lot better than many.

Whatever they do, I hope they build up the background on whoever they show. Tell us everything, tell us how much they love their Mom, or what they've had to sacrifice to train so hard... All the things that made TUF so watchable.

Make people care about these guys. Show them more than the general conception about contact sport players. It's not all about machismo, there's a lot of honour and history at stake too.


Lol @ Leigh I know that fight brings back bad memories and that was just the blonde hair

Penn vs. Uno was a classic LW match. Any of Sudo's fights would be great. Edwards vs. Thompson was probably one of the most devastating kick KO's in the UFC and you never hear them talk about it anymore, their back to the Williams vs. Coleman comparison for every high kick. Pisses me off because Zuffa should have never let either of those guys go.


-Blix (Ronin BTT)

How many times do we need to see Hughes Trigg I and II before they mix it up a little.

They'd never show Hughes vs. Penn cuz they are trying to build up Hughes as a superstar.