UFC upsets on FoxNews!

Great exposure for the sport.



That's some good exposure right there!!

Excerpt: "...Over the past couple months, even UFC watched the two biggest upsets in its history with Matt Serra's inconceivable welterweight title win over Georges St. Pierre, and enormous underdog Gabriel Gonzaga's incredible first-round KO of world-famous MMA heavyweight fighter Mirko Cro Cop."

"Fox News the Best and Most accurate News on TV! Fair and balanced 8-)"







gabriel wasnt in the top 10 all time for upsets, but getting a honorable mentios is big news for mma!

ensanity has the best post so far!! fair and balanced what a joke!!


Hey kids, guess what?  Fox Sports is NOT Fox News.

Fox Sports is an entirely separate division of Fox Broadcasting from Fox News.  They really have little to do with each other on a day-to-day basis.  And I would bet that FoxSports.com is similarly its own little isolated unit within Fox Sports.

In addition, this article is a "Special to FoxSports.com" and the author is a "frequent contributor to FOXSports.com."  That means he's freelance or has some similar sort of arrangment.  He's not really a Fox Sports staff writer.


Fox is conservative????

The owner Rupert Murdoch is having weekly fund raisers and lunch meeting with....Hillary Clinton.....she's probably conservative tho, right? lol

All mainstream media is a joke. everyonce in a while, some truth slips out, but thats about it....

ericbarbaric - preach brother preach~

Rupert Murdoch is known to be the guy that "decides" elections, that is, heavily influences them with his powerful hand in the media.

He has supported Bush and co like no other in the recent past, but he is indeed now supporting Hillary Clinton. I really like to know his thought pattern. She is the favourite at the moment but he has supported underdogs in the past. I'd be fun knowing all the dealings going on behind closed doors...

Anyway, this article was on Fox SPORTS, it's about the UFC and we're here on the UG. So let's leave political fighting on that smelly hellhole known as the OG!!

LOL @ "commentators on fox having the moxie..."

I can see Slaytan at home now typing and thinking; "I say, just wait one moment for me to take off my smoking jacket. Then you and I, sir, will engage in some fisticuffs!!"

"if FOX is bad then every station that is against FOX must be good, but in reality they all suck.....same goes for democrats and republicans"

True but Fox and Republicans just suck harder.