UFC Vegas 33 results & discussion

Rani yahya is the co main event?

Can’t be, he just got pulled for Covid. Lol

I only know 2 fighters on that card…I’ll be watching Bellator

this turned into the worst card in UFC history. wow

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Main event moves my needle

What is the bellator card?

Yikes. Thankfully there’s a decent Bellator card on tonight. Hall vs Strickland will be fun though. Hopefully the two main events aren’t on at the same time

Hall by leg snap

I only know the two headliners but sometimes these are the best cards

Yeah, like I didn’t think banging your mom would be that fun from the looks of her, but it ended up being a great time.

Amazing card. As a casual fan, I know a total of three of those people. lol

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Dang, Cosce is a tough dude

Rowe missed weight by 2.5 lbs. not much of n effort

Lmao! You got him good hillbo!

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I must be turning into more of a casual fan because most cards these days I recognize maybe 25% of the fighters.

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In. Hoping for some good , no name slobberknocking fights!


Espn app not loading for anyone else? mine just keeps crashing

Underdogs are 2-0 so far

Both prelims and main card are on ESPN regular TV.

Please update the OP

Go Yoder $$$$$ !