UFC Vegas 44: Where to watch, fight card & odds



I think Mickey Gall can pull off the upset here, also Chris Curtis and Aldo.

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wtf … Cheyanne Buys dumped her hubby and insta changed her last name?

I got maney on this chick, I hope she is not getting ravaged by Bones, he was hitting on her a while back. FML if so.

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I got a parlay closing w Morono, this should be an easy fite.

I can’t even watch the prelims yet because this shitty ass football game is running over time. Apparently I don’t have whatever channel they decided to put the prelims on

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Looks like they just fixed it

its startinnnnngggg

World Chase Tag is on right now lol.

Idk but those women undeservingly got 50k FOTN bonuses.

Gall sucked.