UFC....Versus....Direct TV

I'm not sure why the UFC is going to start putting events on Versus when Direct TV subscribers no longer get the channel. I would think that would dramatically effect the viewing of the event with so many people switching to Direct TV. Anyone know if Direct TV is going to be getting Versus back? I can see they would want to help promote the WEC, but why not continue to show them on SPIKE?

Could someone from the UG make me a copies this weekends wec, and the last two events? Maybe even tonight's best of 09 show? Pretty Please! I'll pay though paypal


 there was a time when dtv was the only way to get the ufc

I think i heard someone mention that they are doing this in hopes of Direct TV picking up Versus. People might not care about missing WEC but when they miss UFC events it may make Direct TV act

 I miss my WEC!

So I guess that's a no?

I miss all kinds of shit that was on Versus. Theres a rumor that Comcast and Directv are working it out though


 This is a move by the UFC so they can start getting WEC fighters on UFC PPV's. They couldn't do it before because they had a contract with VS but this will give them leverage with VS to move some of the big matchups to UFC PPV's.