UFC vet Charles McCarthy now Alchemist partner

The story:

Charles McCarthy is a name old school mixed martial arts fans know and respect when it comes to the sport they love. Alchemist Management is a name all mixed martial arts fans know for exploding on the scene to manage some of the biggest names in the sport. In exciting news for the sport of mixed martial arts, Charles McCarthy has been announced as a partner in Alchemist Management. Besides bringing his years of expertise and personal experiences to the group, McCarthy will also be scouring the world for talent as an agent.

McCarthy said, “I am excited to get to put all my areas of expertise to work I spent a lot of time building great fighters and getting them signed with the UFC, but I always felt fighters needed more from their agency. That is why I am so proud to become a partner at Alchemist Management, a full service MMA agency at the highest level. There is no competing agency with the connections and business acumen that Alchemist brings to the table. With partners such as Jeff Aronson, Lex McMahon, Nima Safapour and MC Hammer, I intend to build Alchemist into the number one choice for Mixed Martial Arts fighters.”

Alchemist founding partner Lex McMahon concluded, “Our goal is to strive for excellence and build the brands of our fighters, and create success for them. Charles with his many years of experience in mixed martial arts both in the cage and out is a great asset in reaching that goal.”