UFC Vet Laverne Clark main event!!

5 Time "Old School" UFC Vet Laverne "Fist's of Furry" Clark will headline my upcoming MMA event (CFC #9) as the Main Event of the evening, Sat. June 30th Terra Haute, Indiana at the Zorah Shrine. Tickets on sale NOW, by calling 618-943-2085, or by emailing sfaerobics@aol.com (15 other exciting bouts scheduled) Thank you, Jason Reinhardt

ttt for vern...

ttt for an old school MFSer.

Hope he does better than his last couple of outings.


Him vs Spratt would be a cool fight


a laverne clark with polished up ground work would be a serious threat to anyone at 170. remember him giving fts to john lewis and frank trigg in past fights.. super tough guy

Frankie your right. Check out his fight w/ Hughes on youtube. If Laverne would train consistently part time he could make some noise again.