UFC video game

"I was thinking Charles "To the Liver" McCarthy myself"

Ouch. That shot looked so nasty. Actually it looked like you were gonna shake it off for a second. Was there one of those delays to it like sometimes when you get a nut shot and you think "Did that miss?... NOPE!".

" Joe Riggs told me that you are in and your nickname in the game is "Streaks" :)"

Shouldn't that be Sylvia's nickname?

THQ definately makes the best create a player mode. The Pride one is the best out so far.

"Nick...I'm guessing you are expecting a digitally enhanced head of hair?"

Can they do that? Man technology is great.

"I hereby state that if this alleged game does not have Nick "Kid Presentable" Thompson in it, I will NOT purchase it. Hows that for being helpful Nick?"

That's the spirit. Its like the 60s, we just got to stand together brother.

"Joe Riggs told me that you are in and your nickname in the game is "Streaks" :)"

Charles, you can tell Joe that he will also be in the game. I heard they are making it a sims type game and that you can actually got he hospital after the fights and be witness to Riggs getting KO'd in the ER.

So I would still get to be in it then, right? Sweet balls.

Any1 think we will hear anything by E3 in may?? If the rumors are in fact true

maybe you could sneak in as a power up-just a thought

TTT for the almighty EA

there better be a create a fighter or i aint fuckin buyin it.

^^^I second that.

I hope they make a game, but if they do, they need better controls then the shitty ones for Tapout 1 and 2. Also they should have a career mode similar to Fight Night's where you can work your way up, and make your fighter better. The only bad part about this game is that if they make it, I will probably never leave my room.

create a player, and import him into TUF mode. where your character is forced to live in a house with other fighters and battle it out for a UFC contract.there could be minigames and such. and of course an updated roster please.

Yea, a current roster is a must, Also hopefully you wont have to "unlock" certain fighter. I fucking hate that. Just let us play the goddamn game.

They need to have a TUF mode!

this TUF mode is the most retarded thing i've ever heard of

normal fighters don't start their careers in a house with camera's and ppl pissing on beds , they work hard in the gym and work their way to the big show

leave the TUF mode out of any game ever

It would be pretty fucking badass to be in a video game. And I am willing to support someone who has a legit shot at getting in one. I honestly WILL NOT buy this game if it does not have "Kid Presentable" in it! That nickname is just too damn good to waste.

EA is weird. They have so much resources supposdly the best people, and yet the only good fight night was the third one. I'm afraid to see how they will handle a MMA game. While I believe that they will make a genuine a attempt to make a awesome sim. They will need tolik three games before they get it right.

Would be nice with updated rosters. You also HAVE to have "create a fighter" for all the people who want to put themselves in the game. I also think a hall of fame section or secrets to where you could get Couture, Shamrock, Severn, Royce, and a few others would be awesome. I played the previous UFC games a lot but it just wasn't great.

they need to look at the pride game and make improvements from that game

Instead of a TUF mode, they could have you play as a fighter who has
to fight in all the smaller shows and become champion of each one
before one of the big organizations picks you up.

Once you get to the top, you'll have to make a choice whether to sign
with Pride or UFC and you'll fight opponents exclusive to those
organizations (and their rules). It could play like the Tournament Mode
in Madden where the world continues to move and other fighters will
advance and get better, lose, or get injured, etc. Once you become
champion, you'll have to defend your title against the next hotshot
that's on his way up.

After seven successful title defenses, they could let you have a dream-
card matchup where you choose any fighters on the roster from any
organization (even retired fighters will be available) and you against
the top UFC/Pride fighter are the main event.

now that would be bad ass