UFC video game

Rumor is that EA sports and the UFC are close to making a video game. If this is true, I desperately want to be in the game. Silva, if you make this happen i will fight for free. Hell, I can be the crappy guy that you first have to fight, whatever, I just want to be in. Anyways, get me in that game. Also, if I can be the fellow that says "I'm in the game", I will actually pay you. Think about it. Don't tell my manager though, he might get upset because I am not sure how he would get 10% of being in a video game. Maybe you could give me his legs or something, I don't know. But we are off the point, the important thing is, get me in that game.

Good job, Nick. Pat will be happy....

Nick...I'm guessing you are expecting a digitally enhanced head of hair?

I heard the final point that is making EA hesitant to sign is that Dana wants EA Sports to stop making Madden.

I hope I'm in it again... :)

Nick, you could have them put a tattoo of Pat on your shin or something in the game.

the old UFC games sucked, I am sure EA will do a better job then Crave entertainment did. Seeing the fight night games makes me have much faith in EA and its combat sports games...

Nick Thompson, Bitches!

I have been saying all along that EA would make a great UFC video game! I just hope they do it right if they get the game to make. Create-A-Fighter would have to be really deep, and I'm sure they could get some fight companies to put their name in it (Sprawl, Tapout, FCF)

Would be tight if Royce is in it.

They need a whole new fighting engine.

I hereby state that if this alleged game does not have Nick "Kid Presentable" Thompson in it, I will NOT purchase it.

Hows that for being helpful Nick?

Nick, The legs would be more like 18-20% - feet, feet would be 10%.

What if they give you Pat's tattoos?

ooohhhhh what about the tats and the pirate voice!!!!  Now that would be cool.


I have a buddy who works for EA who hasn't heard a thing about this and he's pretty far up the food chain... Would love to see it, but we probably won't until at least 2007.

The create a fighter mode could seriously kick ass though... i'm sure they'll base it off the ultimate fighter. I wonder about having the guys who do smackdown v. Raw games put it together. The move sets there are pretty decent and the career mode doesn't suck.

Joe Riggs told me that you are in and your nickname in the game is "Streaks" :)

I had heard a while back that Rockstar was in the mix for making a UFC game---anyone else hear that?

"Joe Riggs told me that you are in and your nickname in the game is "Streaks" :)"

WHAT?! Then what will Tim Sylvia's name be?!

""Fish out of water" "out of his league" or Charles "C-Level""

What about Charles "Highlight Reel" McCarthy?

Oops. Sorry. Those are just jokes guys. I respect UFC fighters...

the "tapout" games were kinda weak. I hope EA does a UFC game.

I was thinking Charles "To the Liver" McCarthy myself

The UFC for Dreamcast RULED. All the others sucked.