UFC vs Pride Matchups?

Mir vs. Mino

Couture, Liddell, Tito, Vitor vs. Silva, Rampage, Sak. These could be mixed and matched a lot of different ways, all of which would be great.

Assuming contracts weren't an issue, what Pride vs. UFC matchups would you most like to see?

Randy - Silva

Chuck - Sak

Vitor - Rampage

randy silva

chuck sak

vitor arona

baroni henderson--baroni needs to get beat by another team quest guy

tito rampage

mir mino

arlovski fedor

mir, mino??

Mino by anything he wants ... this is not even a contest.

chuck vs sak would be awesome.

Chuck vs Sak would be brutal. Chuck is harder to take down than Silva and would own Sak standing.

Belfort vs Rampage would be awesome.

Silva Vs Couture.

At this point Pride's HW division is so far ahead of UFC's, there is no use for matchups. UFC still has the advantage at LHW.

yeah mino would own mir same way he owned ricco.

"mir, mino??Mino by anything he wants ... this is not even a contest."I think Mino would win too, but I'd still love to see the best submission guy that each event has to offer @ HW.

I don't know, I think Mino would knock out Mir just to add kos to his record :)

headhunter, I think Ricco (an in shape Ricco) could do anything he wanted to Mir too so ... Maybe I'm being too hard on Mir, but until he proves that he has cardio, I'll be hesitant to choose him against a guy who knows his subs.

Is Ricco still a UFC fighter? I don't remember seeing him in a while.

Mino would own Mir? Hahahahaha, too bad they're most likely not going to fight, cause I'd put some bucks on Mir.

8dust, you would be losing some money buddy.

Scott, I don't think Ricco is still with the UFC, I was just responding to headhunter.

i still think my card is the best matchups....

and you dont have to be a fan of Mir to see the guy has major skills.

he does have cardio questions and does have stand up weaknesses however he gets into submission attempts better than anyone more than 225lbs. and is always looking to finish a fight. this alone would make him verse mino a great fight.

also i dont think anyone in Pride would outclass Arlovski not even fedor.

also i have another pride vs UFc match i'd like to see...

Randleman vs Cabbage....it is the proverbial unstoppable force vs the immovable object arguement with these two i think it could be a great fight

Nog- Mir
Fedor- Ricco
Rampage- Tito
Silva- Randy
Vitor- Arona
Saku- hughes

isnt ricco fighting mike kyle soon?

aren't tito and rampage on the same team?

i don't believe they are anylonger

also like i said above i'd much rather see arlosvki vs fedor

Arlovski vs Crocop

Nog vs Mir

Silva vs Belfort

Silva vs Chuck

Arona vs. Tito

A healthy Sylvia vs. Fedor

Couture vs. Rampage

Henderson vs. Baroni

Bustamante vs. Baroni