UFC weigh-in/hotel question


I'm trying to find out if the UFC weigh-ins are usually held in hotels, if so are they usually at the hotel where most of the fighters are staying?

Anyone care to shed some light on this one.



Stalker. I believe they are probably at the hotel where the event is such as MGM Mandalay bay etc.

 yeah same hotel. they have the wiegh-ins in the same arena as the fights.

LittleMick -  Creepy stalker alert.

lol, my nephew wants to meet Rich Franklin and Dan Hendo, they're fighting over here in Ireland in january.

Don't mean i won't be jumping into a few photos too though.

Was anyone on here at the show in Belfast, what was the deal with the weigh-ins for that show?

Still lookin for any info on how the weigh-ins for the Irish show in January will be managed?

If anyone here was at any of the UK event weigh-ins can you let me know were they at the venue or elsewhere.